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It is a great honour and pleasure for the Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CSBMB) to organize, together with the Hungarian Biochemical Society (HBS) and the Slovenian Biochemical Society (SBS), the FEBS3+ Meeting, which will be held on June 13-16, 2012 in Opatija, Croatia.

FEBS3+ Meeting Programme was established by the Federation of the European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) in 2010, with the idea to support and encourage the development and improvement of the scientific collaboration among the FEBS constituent societies on the local level. Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian societies have recognised that opportunity as an excellent platform to enhance and to advance traditionally good, but still insufficient, collaboration among the scientists from these countries. Yet, it is our wish to ignore the borders, so we sincerely invite the scientists from the neighbourhood countries, as well as from other parts of Europe, to join us and contribute to the scientific success of the Meeting.

The awareness of the necessity of integration and interaction of the scientific findings from different research areas for the understanding and elucidation of the complex biological systems encouraged us to organize the meeting, which will cover all aspects of the molecular life sciences and bring together the researches from different scientific areas, not only biochemistry and molecular biology, but also medicine, biology, physics, and informatics. Biotechnology and food safety, ecology, plant biology, pharmacy, diagnostics, neurobiology, genetics are only some of the fields which will be covered by the scientific programme. In addition to the presentations of the recent scientific findings, it is our intention to comprise other aspects of molecular life sciences such as their social impact, legislation, communication between scientists and community as well education, which prompted us to name the Meeting “From molecules to life and back”.

Opatija, "the old lady of the Croatian tourism", "the beauty of the sea", is an elegant tourist destination in north Croatian coast, which also provides very convenient congress facilities. Its attractive geographic position, enabling to be quickly reached from many Central European cities, numerous accommodation capacities in addition to lush green scenery, blue sea and a pleasant climate, makes Opatija the ideal place for hosting our Meeting. The venue of the meeting is Grand Hotel Adriatic, which will provide excellent facilities not only for scientific, but also for social events, as well as comfortable and cosy services for recreation and quiet moments of reposing.

On behalf of the organisers it is a pleasure to invite all colleagues to attend the FEBS3+ Meeting “From molecules to life and back” in Opatija. We trust that the Meeting will provide the opportunity for exchanging knowledge, ideas and experience, vibrant and fruitful discussions, as well as the possibility to establish new acquaintances and to renew the old ones and to initiate new collaborations and joint projects. We hope it will offer an occasion for a rewarding scientific and an enjoyable personal experience for all participants.

Jerka Dumić
President of the CSBMB

László Fésüs
President of the HBS

Marinka Drobnič Košorok
President of the SBS